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Our Secret Mantra for a perfect app – continuous testing

Test Competitors
Test wireframes
Test static comps
Test clickable prototypes
Test pre-release
Test post-launch

Services we offer in Mobile App Testing

Functional Testing
Usability Testing
Compatibility Testing
Performance Testing
Beta Testing
Game Testing
Mobile App Testing
Installation Testing
Localization Testing
Manual Testing
Test Automation
Security Testing

Collaborative Testing Process in an Agile Environment

Some Mobile App Testing Parameters we test against

Screen sizes

Thousands of mobile phones are pumped into the market with varied screen size, aspect ratio and pixel densities.


Owing to the size and shape of mobile phone screens, usability testing indeed a hurdle

Internet strength

With respect to countries, internet providers and connectivity type internet strength can vary drastically and can affect app performance to a great extent

Security issues

Breaches are happening at an alarming rate. To validate the measures adopted by the developers to secure apps is indeed challenging.

OS versions

Android versions upgrade usually takes time owing to fragmentation. Meanwhile iOS upgrade takes place swiftly. So our testers check your app on various versions to ensure stable performance on each version.

Contextual issues

Context can enhance or limit the functionalities of apps. Since apps have varied context with different data, testing process can become complex

The TestApproach Advantage

  • Our report will assist developers to make the app high in UX so that 5 star rating and good reviews can be attained
  • Cost effective packages
  • Timely delivery as per the requirement
  • Impeccable technical support
  • Testing solution for native, hybrid and web apps
  • A pool of experienced testers to hire from
  • You can hire testers based on your budget/requirement, no burden of bearing the expenses of an entire team
  • Maximum coverage with our mobile app test automation environment
  • Will help increase your brand image
  • You will know whether your app can work perfectly in all the devices

Mobile app manual Testing

Even in an agile project environment manual testing can’t be avoided as it’s the best way to test a newly introduced functionality. Along with manual testing, exploratory techniques and usability testing will be done to ensure that app is working as per the requirement document. Some points covered include

  • Ease of access to all the screen elements with fingers
  • Ease of one hand usage
  • Design elements arrangement
  • Unique blend of technologies, tools, skilled testers, process and methodologies

Mobile app automation Testing

  • Automation testing ensures accuracy and reduces the cost of testing to a great extent.In this time of rapid app development, automation testing can save a lot!

    Highlights of TestApproach automation testing service

    • Less error
    • Extensive test coverage
    • Early and frequent feedback
    • Takes less time to test
    • Reduced time to market for products
    • Accurate and consistent results
    • Less usage of manual labour

Industries we have worked for


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